My first job was with a large corporately-inclined commercial architecture firm.  I loved the glamour of the projects – the size and scope and variety of project types.  Honestly, I began to, subconsciously or not, look down my nose at residential architecture.  It was later that I realized that the best way to shape the landscape, improve the way people live, and fight sprawl is through residential architecture.  In addition, we need trained architects designing homes.  Not builders or engineers.  Architects are trained to think in all aspects of building design from all directions and angles.

The one project type that I understand best is the home.  I’ve lived in homes all my life!

Author: Tory Parish

  • Terry E. Kearns

    I don't really like it when architects try to make me a better person, when they are fighting for truth, and justice, and whatever. I simply want to feel good when I come home.