A forthcoming blog post about my frustrating experience with the DRC will soon be posted on-line. In the meantime, the link below will download a PDF of my revised recommendation regarding the Horizon West – Lakeside Village Center.

Lakeside Village for DRC

Author: Tory Parish

  • http://twitter.com/JanSimpson JanSimpson

    Where is your article?

  • Tim

    These were some really good ideas. It is sad they didn’t listen. I bought in Berkshire Park. They told me it would be walkable. They said I would have a walking trail in the back of the neighborhood to the shopping at Lakeside Village. Six and a half years later when they built the Lakeside Village shopping I knew they threw the idea out the window. It was awful. They had the opportunity to make something like downtown Winter Garden. To this day they have not made the trail in the back of Berkshire Park. I moved away just before the red light camera was added to 535 at Overstreet. I am now out in Clermont. Have you had any involvement in the Hills of Minneola development plans in Lake County? They are espousing some of these same ideas along with fitness and trails and the like. It is not too far from where I live. Maybe someday I will get a second chance on something like this. :)