Florida Architecture License Certificate

Last week I received my Florida State Board of Architecture & Interior Design certificate exhibiting that I have met all requirements and have become licensed to practice architecture in the State of Florida.  Too bad it’s the unfortunate colors, orange and blue.  “Booh yucky Gators,” my daughter would say.  However this has been a long road and these processed fibers and ink signify a great deal to me and my family.  Years of schooling, interning, and studying.  It’s a closed chapter, and I look forward to what lies ahead.

Author: Tory Parish

  • http://twitter.com/terrykearns Terry E. Kearns

    Congratulations. Now, right back to work.

  • http://twitter.com/JacksonParish Tory Jackson Parish

    Thanks Terry! This firm of mine is an experiment, but I'm looking forward to the adventure!

  • http://twitter.com/adamparish Adam Parish

    I'm proud of you! I agree with Terry now time to get some more projects done! :)