My Life in France

I recently finished reading My Life In France by Julia Child and Alex Prud’Homme.  Great biographical read.  The kind you can put down for a few minutes or a few days and pick right back up without a snag or losing momentum.

Julia Child didn’t learn to “master the art of French cooking” until her life delivered the circumstances that would end up enabling and defining her career as The French Chef.  Julia was an idle American wife in France restless but eager to integrate a culture she had quickly grown to love into her own life.  She loved the French culture, people, places and the food, and while at first, it seemed an impenetrable market, she wedged her way into French food and brought it to American masses.

Makes me think…what are my circumstances? I’m not aspiring to be The American Architect, but what are the circumstances that will help to shape this career?

Author: Tory Parish