August 8th, 2010

Why Do I Love Architecture?

I’ve always loved architecture but sometimes it has been hard to explain verbally why it appeals to me.  I’m going to try.

The Purpose and Product.  Ultimately, the solution we arrive at is ‘a’ design.  Another designer would have arrived at a different solution.  It’s arriving at the solution that I love, the verb form of design.

The Process.  Drawing lines on paper and then seeing those lines extruded into real man made environments for use is incredible.  It has nothing to do with ownership of those lines.  It’s sculpture from the inside and outside.    And sculpture that defines the way we live, work, play.

The Puzzle.  Using the criteria of site, natural light, program elements, and more and staying within those parameters to produce a solution for a volume or set of volumes that not only adheres to those aforementioned criteria but also harmonizes with its exterior environment and functions smoothly to meet the program requirements for its interior environment.  Whew, that was a mouthful.

The Perspective.  In school, I learned to sprinkle in theory.  Like for example, how does the design of this museum reflect the bluegrass history prevalent in its region? Or how does this poetry shelter in the woods showcase the essence of the material with which it is constructed? Or how does this community center interact with the adjacent river which has always been critical to and the heart of its community.  Is there meaning that shapes the design from its inception?  These are usually what I called object buildings rather than integrated buildings.  Remember, I had a Modernist education.

That might be the best I can do to explain it.

Author: Tory Parish