Ask anyone on the street if they can name a famous architect, and I bet you’ll hear “Frank Lloyd Wright”. I would surmise that he is the most well-known American architect to those in and outside of the profession of architecture. Thanks to images of Unity Temple and Fallingwater splashed on calendars and other items, he earned a cool factor to the general populace.

Wright was a legend. His unique organic architecture was born of out of his desire to mimic and reflect the surrounding environment and it was unlike everything else we had seen before. Unfortunately, most of his work was constructed in the Midwest. Those of us who live in Central Florida, however, have access to the largest single site collection of Wright’s work. It exists at Florida Southern College in Lakeland and was completed between 1941 and 1958, the year of Wright’s death.

We recently spent an afternoon touring the campus, and I think any local architecture enthusiast would benefit from taking a trip to experience his work first hand.

Author: Tory Parish