February 8th, 2012

A New Concept?

Caption reads: “Welcome to the new economy of suburban planning, where homes for baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials exist side-by-side to serve the specific needs of their owners and create more diverse neighborhoods, steadier sales, and long-term value. Forget the one-house-fits-all approach; this is the new way to design, build, and sell homes in today’s market.”
This was part of an email I received today for the International Builders’ Show. I read the caption and got excited about what I would see before clicking on the link and seeing this photo. It revealed three similarly sized homes to represent the needs of the aforementioned very different age groups. Truthfully these homes are for showcasing product, and they can place more product in a larger space. However there is little variety in these home products. They will draw buyers of a similar demographic regardless of age. I guess I was expecting this ‘new conept’ to be applied in a grander fashion.

Author: Tory