On Wednesday, February 29, 2012, national traffic calming expert and executive director of the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute, Dan Burden, hosted a walkability audit of the intersection of County Road 535 and Overstreet Road here in Horizon West for several concerned parents of students attending Sunset Park Elementary.

During the brief walking audit, Dan, who indicated “gross omissions”, pointed out several problems but also shared practical solutions to implement.

The only thing as disappointing as our reason for having him there was the lack of participation by the school’s administration particularly after multiple email invitations and a phone call. We received no explanation, excuse, or reason for their lack of interest. It would be nice to have their partnership in pressuring the County for improvements for life safety for their students.

If you missed Beth Kassab’s Orlando Sentinel column “Suburbs Shouldn’t Settle For Riskier Roads” on March 4, you should know that the accompanying video was shot during the audit. I found it particularly illustrative with moms and a stroller walking in the foreground and vehicles zooming both directions in the background. Great job Beth and George Skene of the Sentinel!

Also, click to see an earlier assessment I performed on this intersection aslt fall. I feel Dan was able to better boil down the problems to immediate needs with solutions.

Please click for Dan’s assessment of and suggestions for this intersection. This will launch a PDF.


Author: Tory