I found a version of this article in the December issue of Governing Magazine.  I’m posting a link to the online version.  It explains how federal policies limit the non-residential portion of projects, in effect limiting multi-use opportunities.  Due to codes and general fear of multi-use opportunities, we continue to build single-use developments, each segregated from each other by their use and only connected by asphalt.  I can attest to the fear as well as the regulation.

“Ask members of Generation Y where they want to live, and chances are you’ll hear a common answer: urban environments where there is plenty to do within walking distance. For younger people (and many other Americans, for that matter), the cul-de-sac is no longer key.

Yet national housing policy isn’t reflecting those changing preferences, say some advocates. These advocates are pushing the federal government to do away with practices they say discourage the type of walkable, sustainable communities – think condos and apartments on top of coffee houses, clustered around transit stops – that a growing number of Americans desire…”

It’s worth a read.


Author: Tory Parish