You may know how I fret over the intersection of Overstreet Road and County Road 535 as it is the connection between our neighborhood school, Sunset Park Elementary, and the residents of 1500 homes zoned for it. A ten minute walk to school is sliced by interstate like driving conditions making walking to school simply not feasible for some of us.

I’m happy to share that our intersection will be emphasized during a day of street design workshops coming up in Winter Garden on Tuesday, February 28.

The workshops are free and I urge any concerned parents, business owners, school officials, or community leaders to attend. Each will feature national traffic calming expert Dan Burden.

The second workshop of the day will be Street Design & Your School. How does street design affect health, safety, and access to schools? In this, Dan will make a presentation on best practices for creating safe access to schools with a focus on street and intersection design, traffic-calming practices, smoother flow for drop-off/pick-up, posted speed limits versus “design” speeds, and school access for cars, buses, cyclists and pedestrians. An optional walkability audit will be offered following the presentation. This workshop will last from 2:15 to 3:00 p.m at Lake Whitney Elementary. An optional walking audit will follow until 3:30pm.

The techniques discussed would benefit pedestrians AND motorists who use the intersection.

I am planning to attend all three workshops, and I’m really excited to hear these presentations from Dan Burden. You can find information on each one in my previous post. I invite you to attend as well. Until this intersection gets the negative exposure it deserves, nothing will happen to improve it. And until it is improved, many of the children and parents who live nearby miss the opportunity and benefits of walking to school because of the danger it imposes.


Author: Tory