Sidewalks in the Kingdom Book Cover

This is a book review that I wrote for New Urban Living Magazine. The review was originally published in the January/February 2005 issue.

Through his recent book, Sidewalks in the Kingdom:  New Urbanism and the Christian Faith, Eric Jacobsen introduces the New Urbanism movement to members of the Christian faith.  Through logical and concise arguments, he succeeds at explaining the precise connections between the movement and the faith.  By doing so, he is attempting to establish a renewed interest in restoring existing urban centers and slowing sprawl.  He is certain that Christians will begin to consider the city, as less of a problem or a ministry need, but as a better way of life.  He is also confident that they will realize that by choosing a more urban lifestyle, they are choosing the unique and wonderful opportunity to minister through everyday moments just as Jesus did.  On the other hand, by choosing to encourage and perpetuate the suburban model, they may be, according to Jacobsen, “worshiping false gods in the name of American values.” (p21) and removing themselves from important interactions and ministering opportunities. [...]