Lofts Book Cover

This is a book review that I wrote for New Urban Living Magazine. The review was originally published in the May/June 2005 issue.

My perusal through Lofts, from the Good Ideas series by Harper Design International, was enjoyable as well as educational. Edited by Ana Cristina G. Canizares and published in 2003, this book is an eye pleasing exhibition of several uniquely rehabilitated lofts from all over the world. With over 800 full-color photographs and well thought-out explanatory captions, the ideas from Lofts are captivating and easily ingested.

A description of the recent increase in popularity of loft living composes the brief introduction just inside this sleek binding. Then, the work of numerous photographers begins to tell the story. These photographs depict lofts that are atypical, artistic, elegant yet practical, and ultramodern. [...]