August 8th, 2010

Why Do I Love Architecture?

I’ve always loved architecture but sometimes it has been hard to explain verbally why it appeals to me.  I’m going to try.

The Purpose and Product.  Ultimately, the solution we arrive at is ‘a’ design.  Another designer would have arrived at a different solution.  It’s arriving at the solution that I love, the verb form of design.

The Process.  Drawing lines on paper and then seeing those lines extruded into real man made environments for use is incredible.  It has nothing to do with ownership of those lines.  It’s sculpture from the inside and outside.    And sculpture that defines the way we live, work, play. [...]

Example of Traditional Design from Rosemary Beach, FL

Example of traditional design from Rosemary Beach, FL.

Traditional design is not trendy. It’s a design that lasts and is not modern or contemporary. Ironically and like most designs, traditional design is becoming trendy. Go figure. People seem to appreciate designs that last. I even heard some proponents of traditional design describe it as the most “green” of all design techniques. Like most terms traditional design varies from architect to architect.

The most common traditional design for many people may be a two story colonial home, but of course a new home that is trendy could incorporate traditional elements and construction techniques to fit a more progressive definition of trad design.

It’s great to participate in dialogue on a topic, but the dialogue is nearly useless if you don’t express your point-of-view. My education was based on modernist principles. Likewise, I do appreciate my fellow modernist architects, and from time to time as a firm we may want to participate in the modernist dialogue, be we feel that the revival of traditional design is an enhancement to our goal to establish a sense of place among our built environment. What do you think?