Over the last few weeks, residents in Lakeside Village have come together again. They have been organizing to plea with county leaders to deny a request by Avatar Homes to remove the required southern connector road in Lakeside Village from the planned development. The planned development is a set of guidelines attached to the property that define how it can be developed.

The decision was continued from September 13 and September 20. The majority of those speaking in support of denial live in the neighborhoods of Newbury Park, Grande Pines, and Lake Mabel Shores. Since the closure of Reams Road, they have seen drivers short cut through their neighborhoods to exit onto County Road 535. The intended route from Reams is to drive north on Lakeside Village Lane, but this adds several minutes and approximately a mile of travel. The safety issues are self-explanatory as these are small neighborhoods with families with young children. [...]

Download the PDF to see our suggestions to tweak the future Lakeside Village Center (CR 535 and Reams Road, Windermere, FL).

Lakeside Village Tweaks