Some improvements to our intersection at County Road 535 and Overstreet occurred over the summer, and we recently received an update from Commissioner Scott Boyd as follow-up from our April 2012 meeting regarding traffic and pedestrian safety at and around the school. You may click here to open a pdf from Orange County Traffic Engineering, but these improvements were: [...]

August 28th, 2011


This is how we roll…or perhaps how we come to a stop.  This Google Maps image overlooks an area near the Stoneybrook West/429 interchange here in West Orange County.  It is such bad design. It’s ridiculous to have streets this close to each other than don’t connect.

Grids and connected streets work!  They alleviate the heavy burden and traffic we place on our road system.  By allowing these disconnections, we are impeding our ability to grow in a smart fashion and to have roads that can keep up with us.

The debate continues over Lakeside Village Center. Currently, there are two ongoing discussions regarding roads. These include the closure of one and the placement of another. I feel, however, that the biggest hurdle to cross with our roadways here is even bigger than these. It will be making the zone between the current Reams Road and Chase Road a village-like zone. One must look at Lakeside Village within its context to determine the relevance of the debate.

Simply put County Road 535, also known as Winter Garden–Vineland Road, is a four-lane highway with wide smooth lanes, large empty shoulders, and, for the most part, no curbs.  One portion through Lakeside Village even includes elevated acceleration banks (high bank on the outside portion of the turn to accommodate speed). Drivers feel comfortable at a high rate of speed because the road was incorrectly designed for that purpose.

The portion of 535 between Reams Road and Chase Road must be treated differently in order for this to be our village center. We already have a massive fail just north of the village center. Sunset Park Elementary, our neighborhood school, was constructed on the east side of 535, and 1000+ homes are on the west side. The school’s geographical proximity makes it ideal for parents to walk their children and for kids to ride bikes to and from school.  However, to do so means crossing several lanes of highway during busy mornings. And did I mention that the speed limit on this portion is 55 mph?!  Obviously, this has created huge safety concerns (for most reasonable people). [...]