As I’ve been writing…Orange County’s goal for Horizon West was to create sustainable communities designed for pedestrians.  The plan for Lakeside Village Center does not meet this goal.  Last week the project (technically referred to as Frye Development PD) appeared on the consent agenda for Orange County’s Development Review Committee meeting on November 3.  This means the developer was asking for final approval to begin moving dirt.

I emailed the package (see last blog post) to the DRC Chairman the previous day, and I attended the meeting.  The package includes most of the same ideas, observations, and tweaks that we previously posted.  These are tweaks which we feel would help to make the Lakeside Village Center uphold the intentions of Horizon West.  I was allowed to join the committee at the table and speak. [...]

A forthcoming blog post about my frustrating experience with the DRC will soon be posted on-line. In the meantime, the link below will download a PDF of my revised recommendation regarding the Horizon West – Lakeside Village Center.

Lakeside Village for DRC